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Our work speaks for itelf. And our clients do, too.

Transparency is exactly what you want from your development firm and that’s exactly what Red Shepard has provided me and my businesses for years. Ryan's candor ensures projects meet realistic goals and are built with scale in mind, all while he and his team remains flexible, efficient and collaborative. ,,
Lemley Media

Paul Lemley

The company I work for has used Red Shepard Software for all their application work. Ryan and his team have been fantastic to work with on our projects. Ryan listens to our concepts with great detail and helps advise on our new concepts. We have always had our project completed within the time frame they give us. Any technical issues we have were addressed quickly and professionally. I highly recommend this company for any and all projects you are considering. ,,
Active Alert

Liz Ohlsen

Red Shepard was an extremely valuable team as I transitioned my product from MVP to scale phase. They worked closely with my development team to define the architecture necessary to grow, quickly isolated issues and provided sound guidance on technology partners. Ryan's technical savvy and thorough project management skills are top notch. Your app or other digital project will be better by working with them. They deserves a 5-star rating. ,,

Tammie Kass

I wanted something within my budget but still professional enough to attract traffic from my industry and clients. Their work was timely, well within budget, and professional. Very well done — colorful and very informative. Exactly what I was looking for.
Daulton & Associates

Ron Daulton

Working with Red Shepard was seamless. I was amazed at their ability to quickly build an understanding of what I was looking for. Rather than a technology partner, I consider them as a business partner. Their understanding of the big picture helped in so many ways. From screen layout to decisions surrounding key functionality, it was so helpful to be working with a group that had a true understanding of my mission. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a frustration-free development process. ,,
Ease Breathing

Srinivasa Kandadi

Red Shepard Software have been instrumental in the success of our mobile app technology. Ryan is thorough in his problem solving and testing of the work he completes. Their customer service is exemplary, and "normal business hours" rarely apply to Ryan and his team. If your company is looking for brilliant, professional and personable people to work with, Ryan and his team will be that and much more. ,,
Hedge Tactical

Dave Kisch

Our Process

We take all our clients through a proven ideation and development process


Take your first steps on the road to building your app. Just meet with us! We want to get a feel for your project and see if it falls within our specialty, and you get a chance to see if we're the right team for you.

  • Meet with us & get to know each other. See if we're the right fit.
  • Tell us about your project idea. We'll determine if it's something we can do.
  • We explain in detail the process we will take you through.
  • Discuss next steps and how to proceed!

High Fidelity Design

The first truly critical aspect of every software project is clean design and thorough planning. We want to get a visual idea for what the systm will become.

  • Tell us about the look & feel you're going for.
  • For example, should it feel "fun and modern", or "sleek and luxurious"?
  • We deliver a full color design documenting every screen of your app.
  • We work together to tweak the design to fit your needs.

Writing The Code

With a completed design, we are able to plan out the phases of development to a much finer level of detail. Then it's off to the races! We start writing the code while you sit back and relax.

  • We agree on a plan and a development timeline.
  • Writing the code begins, and we start showing you weekly beta builds.
  • You provide feedback throughout this phase to ensure we are building everything as you like.
  • The majority of project expense will come from this phase.

Going 'Live'

When development is finished, it's time to prepare for the big day: launch day! This will include extensive beta testing — with your help of course!

Once we've ironed out all the kinks, it's time to upload the app to the app store, prepare your app store graphics page, set your pricing, and set a launch date.

  • We work with you through the app launch to ensure it goes smoothly.
  • You reach an agreement with us regarding ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Our Services

Take a look at a few of our offerings

High-Fidelity Design

If you need a design for your project, we provide a hands-on approach to creating a platform that you’ll be thrilled to work with. Already have a design? We’ll get to work on it.


We’re a multifaceted team of full stack developers. We build your platform to scale and provide the necessary tools to manage it, including dashboards, web apps, servers, and plug-ins.

System Rework

Do you have a project that needs additional work, or tired of working with your current developers? Try Red Shepard. We’ll run your project for you so you can take care of your business.

Project Management

Sometimes tech projects get derailed. Are you stuck with an unclear future and work to be done? We pride ourselves on excellent project management, timely estimates, and projects that meet deadlines.

Cloud Infrastructure Ops

In need of a major system migration? Or maybe you don't fully understand "the cloud" but know that you need it for your business. The fast-paced tech landscape requires a savvy team like ours. Let us help you!

Platform Support

We provide the necessary support to keep your mobile software running smoothly. We provide server hosting, maintenance, and monthly reporting to help you understand your data.

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