Experience a Better Development Process

We work closely with all our clients to ensure our work is tailored to your specifications. Think of us as a dedicated extention of your team.

Full Transparency at Every Step
From start to finish, we provide full transparency into every aspect of your project - no surprises and no unexpected delays.

Discover a Cost Effective Solution
Best of all, we want to show you that mobile software can be affordable. Intrigued? Learn more about how we stack up against other firms in the industry.

More Value for Your Business

Our mobile software solutions open up various avenues to engage your customers and give them a new way to interact with your company.

Increase Your Revenue
Let us help you reach your target audience, create a loyal customer base, and expand your reach to get customers through the door.

Understand Your Customers
In the modern business, data is key. We’ll work with you to fully optimize your platform, giving you customized metrics to help you understand how to better serve your customers.

Our Services

Take a look at a few of our offerings

High-Fidelity Design

If you need a design for your project, we provide a hands-on approach to creating a platform that you’ll be thrilled to work with. Already have a design? We’ll get to work on it.


We’re a multifaceted team of full stack developers. We build your platform to scale and provide the necessary tools to manage it, including dashboards, web apps, servers, and plug-ins.

System Rework

Do you have a project that needs additional work, or tired of working with your current developers? Try Red Shepard. We’ll run your project for you so you can take care of your business.

Project Management

Sometimes tech projects get derailed. Are you stuck with an unclear future and work to be done? We pride ourselves on excellent project management, timely estimates, and projects that meet deadlines.

Cloud Infrastructure Ops

In need of a major system migration? Or maybe you don't fully understand "the cloud" but know that you need it for your business. The fast-paced tech landscape requires a savvy team like ours. Let us help you!

Platform Support

We provide the necessary support to keep your mobile software running smoothly. We provide server hosting, maintenance, and monthly reporting to help you understand your data.

Case Studies

Take a closer look at some of our clients and how we worked with them

Red Shepard Blog

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Contact Information

We're all over the place, so the best way to get ahold of us is by sending us a little message, or picking up the phone and giving us a ring!

  • Office:333 N. Washington Ave. #300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
  • Call Us: +1 715 602 0664
  • Email Us: support@redshepard.com